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How it Works

We have ordered several thousand beauregard sweet potato slips.

This spring we will be providing several sweet potato growing classes.

In the second or third week of June, the slips will arrive.  They will be available to pick up at the Community Action Coalition.

You plant and nourish your potatoes. They grow to be happy and healthy plants.

In late September or early October, you’ll dig up your beautiful sweet potatoes and donate half of them to a local food pantry.

If this interests you, please sign up to be put on the list so we know about how many slips to order this winter.

Common Questions

Why sweet potatoes?
They are high in nutrition and can last a long time when properly cured and stored.

Do sweet potatoes grow in Wisconsin?
You bet.  The Beauregard variety is a fast maturing plant, best suited to the Wisconsin growing season.

Will you be providing the slips?
Yes.  We’re ordering a couple thousand slips this winter and they will be available for planting June 2013.

Do I get to keep the potatoes I grow?
You keep half and donate the other half to a local food pantry.

How big are the plants?
Sweet potatoes are vines and will spread out so you’ll need at least a 3 foot square area per plant.

How many pounds of sweet potatoes does a plant produce?
Roughly 3-5 pounds, but this can vary dramatically based on growing conditions.

Will you be providing directions on how to grow sweet potatoes?
You bet.  The UW extension and other organizations will be offering sweet potato growing workshops this spring.  The classes will be offered a number of times and we’ll post the schedule once we have it.


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